Becky MartinBecky Martin


Becky Martin is one of televisions top comedy directors with a BAFTA win for the cult comedy series 'Peep Show' and 3 subsequent Best Comedy BAFTA nominations.

Becky has most recently been directing Veep for HBO.

She also directed the dark political comedy 'The Thick of It' starring Peter Capaldi.

In commercials she was selected for the APA Collection two years running; 2011 for Xbox featuring Kylie Minogue, and 2012 for Barclays. She also won the first ever Shots Audience Award in 2011.

Becky's directing career began after writing and directing on ‘Comedy Nation’ a show which subsequently launched many other comedy careers including those of David Mitchell and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Other credits include; 'Pete Vs Life' and 'The Peter Serafinowicz Show' which also earned her a BAFTA nomination.
2012 APA Collection for Barclays
2011 Shots Audience Award for Xbox
2008 BAFTA Winner ‘Peep Show’
2011 APA Collection for Xbox
2010 BAFTA Nominated for 'Peep Show'
2009 BAFTA Nominations for ‘Peep Show’ and ‘Peter Serafinowicz Show’