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SOHO SOHO | John Morton directs 2nd series of BBC’s W1A

The long awaited return of BBC’S W1A aired last Thursday 23rd April with a one-hour special. BBC’s Head of Values, Head of Strategic Governance and BBC’s Brand Guru at Perfect Curve, not to mention Intern Will Humphries are all back, inviting us in to muse at their daily headaches. The first episode kicked off with […] ... more

TELEVISION| Armando Iannucci in conversation with Lucy Lumsden

Armando Royal Television Society cover copy
Armando Iannucci, creator of some of the most edgy TV humour of the last 25 years, revealed how he had become steeped in the craft of comedy from an early age. At a packed RTS event, the multi-award winning writer, performer, producer and director recalled an extraordinarily eclectic career in entertainment. It had taken him […] ... more

CAMPAIGN | Npower “standing up for customers” by McCann Manchester

npower's Simpler Bills TV Ad featuring Omid Djalili.00_00_07_20.Still003
The comedian and actor, Omid Jalili, tells a couple of jokes in a new campaign from Npower. McCann Manchester created the campaign for the energy supplier, which aims to communicate to consumers that it has changed and is putting their needs first in the wake of previous bad press about customer service. David Schneider, the […] ... more


Wings of Desire
The Museum of Modern Art celebrates Wim Wenders (b. 1945), one of postwar Germany’s most accomplished and influential filmmakers, with a major career retrospective. This exhibition represents a collaboration with the Berlin International Film Festival, which dedicates its 2015 Homage to Wenders, presenting him with an Honorary Golden Bear award for lifetime achievement; and with […] ... more

STEVE COPE | 2AM proudly welcomes Steve Cope to its Directors roster

Steve Cope has joined the Directors roster at 2AM.  He is a globally acclaimed director, who is very well known for creating highly crafted, cinematic commercials with story-telling narratives mixed with his signature stamp of wry humour.  That, coupled with his seamless integration of post-production, impeccable performance and exciting sound design. Professionally he is the […] ... more

CREATIVITY | Editor’s Pick

This spot for the British Beer Alliance (a group of brewers and beer brands that aims to boost falling sales of beer in the U.K.) takes a leaf out of Apple’s book by adapting its tagline of a few years ago. This time round, there’s a beer for that — not an app — as […] ... more

THE GUARDIAN | Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders Guardian Cover 2
Ahead of the premier of Wim Wenders’ short film project ‘Cathedrals of Culture’ at the Barbican, Wim talks with The Guardian about his home city Berlin ... more

GQ | Armando Iannucci – ‘Little did I know it would grow into this international monster’.

Armando Iannucci-w477-veep-01-gq-16apr14-b-426x639-jpg
  A back room in one of Britain’s grandest houses, nestled deep among acres of lush Home Counties countryside, is the textbook clandestine rendezvous point for a behind-the-scenes player who makes transatlantic politics tick. Relaxing in an antique leather armchair, within the wood-panelled walls and obligatory mounted portraits is Washington’s most successful puppet master, a […] ... more

DAVID REVIEWS | Moon Landing

Richard Laxton edited
In what must have been a spectacular parade of mirthful muscularity, five experienced comedy directors with immaculate pedigrees who previously worked at Moon have marched into 2AM with Executive Producer Linda Peryer ... more

THE SUNDAY TIMES | Comedic licence

John Morton - w477-w1a-sunday-times-jpg
In the follow-up to the Olympic spoof Twenty Twelve, the BBC has allowed itself to become the butt of the joke. A foolhardy move or a piece of inspired self-awareness? ... more


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